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Each piece of the Mellivora collection is inspired by an adventure. Here are our stories...


While exploring small towns, you might be surprised when you encounter their captivating bodies of water, especially when it ends up sending you into a state of reflection. This small town, nestled in the scenic rolling hills laced with cornfields, it is truly a Midwestern gem of nature. We captured this photo just in time as the sun set over the lake's horizon, reflecting the glowing technicolor shades of yellow onto the crystal clear water.  

Each time I make my way back to this beautiful lake, a feeling of calm and serenity surrounds me and brings a renewed sense of life. Often, we become caught up in the rushing flow of life so easily, just as waves rush to the shoreline. Water reflects and transforms everything around it, creating an entirely new scene to behold. Similarly, the life we live is a direct reflection of our actions - transforming it with every choice we make. 

We can so easily be swept up in the tide, missing life’s precious moments and lessons, or we can choose to live intuitively in the moment and take in all that life has to offer.

The choice is ours to make...we must stop dying and start living!


Whenever I drive through different states, I always find myself admiring the awe-inspiring momentum of this river. The path this river takes throughout this mountainous region, denotes an amazing representation of both beauty and danger.

Most of us long to experience the beauty that life truly offers, but oftentimes, our fears overcome us and we are unable to reach the possible destination we envisioned for ourselves. Is this the reason why we simply choose to move with the current and not against it, no matter how unfulfilling our life seems to be?

I happen to believe that if everyone would just stop and take a moment to clear the mind, it can create a path of awareness that can help us understand that fear can and will always hold us back - paralyzing our soul and spirit, which, in turn, keeps us from seeking life’s infinite beauty.

As I watched the branches splinter, snap, and end up being swept away by the river's strong current, I realized that danger will always be “nipping at our heels” and knowing this should help us finally understand that avoiding our fears won't be a guarantee to a happy, successful, or even fair outcome in life.

Danger will always be completely unavoidable, however, failure is inevitable - and always will be - especially if we continue to flow through life without a purpose.

We must take control, choose our own path, and navigate through the waters of life in order to harness its power and beauty. 




Besides the amazing serenity of this beautiful river, there seemed to be some kind of"universal pull" that drew me to take a photo of this river's amazing synchronicity. In the months since having the idea to turn this photo - and other photos I've taken - into wearable art, I've ended up working so much harder than I ever thought I was even capable of. There are so many challenges when building a startup company it's almost impossible to list and truly takes every spare moment you can find, including razor sharp focus to stay ahead of the game. With a massive loss of sleep, you would probably assume that I had begun to reconsider my mission, yet I persisted because it was just too important to me to give up.


Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I got into the shower and just stood there, under the hot water, reflecting on the birth of Mellivora, to where we are now, and I couldn’t help but think back to the feeling of serenity this amazing river filled me with and how much more I can learn from it now. Sometimes we know where and how to clear our minds and how to gain perspective, but sometimes that place and moment chooses us instead. There, in the shower, I realized exactly what I needed to do to forge ahead. As the shower stream soothed my aching muscles, I began to realize the parallels between water and human nature. In order to be successful, we must ebb and flow like water naturally does - in everything that we do. We must rise to reach new heights, and connect to people that we have not crossed paths with yet. We must decide to create "ripples in the water" to get the attention we seek, otherwise just choose to avoid creating those "ripples", so that we don't have to feel the fear of taking risks, which could ultimately change our lives forever.  Water brings life to everything, and through Mellivora, I want to bring life back to those around me.


While I hit the pavement hard every day to share my story with others, I hope to not only build our brand but to also inspire others to change their life the way Mellivora has already changed mine. Though many have turned me down, there are also those who immediately see the quality of our leggings and understand the inspiration behind them. All it takes is just a few people to recognize that the status quo isn’t working and that we are strong enough to lead the way to a new standard. We believe that Mellivora will become the new standard in clothing, design, production, and business ethics.

We are the few. We are Mellivora.


Do you remember the feeling of anticipation you had as a child waiting to join your friends outside? Well, this is the feeling we had upon nearing our destination, and memories of just wanting to get outside to explore came rushing in. The desert-like terrain flows effortlessly into the mountains, offset by a sun so bright, you feel its warmth well after sundown. 

While taking in the sights of this landscape, you might feel a sense of transformation like no other, as it is truly nature’s playground. While hiking, I reflected on the most important times of my life.  It was not my first car or home that came to mind, in fact, no material purchase (no matter how “monumental”) made my list. Nor did any traditional accomplishment, such as landing that big promotion. What did come to mind was every adventure taken across the U.S., every connection made with another, and every time that I was able to explore and fill my cup with life. 

Too often, we choose to fill our cup by focusing on people and things that actually drain our cup, like a nod from an employer that doesn’t really care about us, or a new treasure who’s allure wears off shortly after that leaves us hollow. It was in this beautiful town that I photographed this most beautiful and vibrant sunset, washed with hues of blue and pink.

I had to run faster than I have ever before to get back to camp and find my camera, as I knew that the opportunity to capture this moment would quickly dissipate. The fulfillment I experienced as the camera clicked, catching the scene just in time with this photo, is a memory that fills my cup.

Don’t wait to find the experiences that will fill yours and transform your life!




Life can change quickly.

One minute we have stability at work, at home, financially, and in our relationships and the next minute it can all be gone. What if we lose one of these things, what if I get into a situation that is uncomfortable or a situation where you have to make a decision you never thought you would have to? For many of us, one of those “what if’s” can slam you right in the face without any warning at all and it will most likely come at a moment when you least expect it.  

Through my persistence, this adventure came after one of those events, an event that put me in a state that I was not used to being in. A state of instability, unknown, vulnerability, and most of all a place outside of my comfort zone.  Many go through life avoiding situations that would lead to these feelings.We end up letting fear win and decide to take the easy road and never let ourselves feel anything else because it just isn’t comfortable.

 Stepping outside that comfort zone isn’t always easy, however being in that comfort zone for too long can slowly make you stop living the life you want.Don’t let fear stop you from going outside your comfort zone or allow it to keep you in a state of vulnerability because it can stop you from reaching your dreams.   

Stop Dying, Start Living!




Today was an adventure full of deep snow, much like deep thoughts that have to be expelled from the mind like oil from an olive. There was a belief that with every step through the deep snow it would get easier. This was not the case and in fact, it just got harder and harder.Even without the use of snowshoes, we still had the determination to make it to the top. As reality set in, we realized that with the recent dumping of snow, reaching the summit without snowshoes would be an impossibility.

Although reaching the summit never happened, there was a bigger lesson to be learned - that sometimes your mind sets unrealistic goals. When your mind sets unrealistic goals, failure is inevitable, however, failure is not a failure unless you choose it to be. It can often become a success if you realize the positives and learn from the negatives for future endeavors.

Remember, what helps you persevere is your resilience and commitment!


On the day I took this picture, Mellivora was in the process of being “born”(even though I didn't know it yet), and for some reason, I began to feel a sense of fearlessness - like I could scale this beautiful structure without any fear, right at that exact moment. I really couldn't understand why, out of all the emotions that nature can inspire, that I felt “fearless” of all things, and left it at that.

Then a few weeks later, I realized why I was feeling this sense of “fearlessness” that day and it wasn't just because of the photo I captured - it was because of what became of it through a slew of ideas, which ultimately ended up to be the catalyst to something that would change my life in ways I could never have dreamed of.

This was the picture that began to bring Mellivora to life and in a much bigger way that I could have ever have imagined. It was where my inspiration came from, and not just because of the picture I had captured, but what was to follow after, which would ultimately change my life and is still changing it as I write this.

I remember sitting and staring at my computer screen at the amazing formations of the stones embedded into the landscape and literally, a light bulb went off in my head and I thought, what if I could take this awesome scene and make it into wearable art?

After mulling this idea over, and at the same time connecting certain ideas, like how inspiring nature is, like the thrill of conquering the Fourteeners I've climbed, and just living in the moment, the Mellivora Leggings were “born”!

My ultimate goal is not just for you to purchase Mellivora's leggings, but for you to find and feel the inspiration to do something amazing that day when you put them on.

Go climb those mountains! Go tackle the gym!

Go explore the world!

But most of all, go find that inspiration that could ultimately change your life! It'll be something you'll never regret!




Planning new adventures brings you a sense of eagerness to seek out new destinations that have their own eternal unique beauty, as well as their own unique challenges.  This trip began early one Saturday morning.  Setting out at dawn may seem like a daunting task, but it brings an extra level of excitement to wake up and begin on an unknown path well before most wake up to their hectic schedules and daily static norms.

Just like the challenges we face daily in life, being on road brings just as many. Unlike the challenges, we may face at work, in relationships, or at home, the challenges placed on oneself during an adventure doesn't compare. When nobody places any expectations on you, you begin to see and feel things in a different way. Sometimes the biggest roadblocks we encounter in life are the expectations we feel we have to meet.We may feel we have to meet these expectations because others think it is what is best or it is what society thinks we should be doing or achieving. 

Planning your own path and your own adventure without others' expectations automatically brings a priceless feeling of self-accomplishment.  Others' expectations and your own expectations are often very different which can easily lead you down a path that is not your own. It isn't about accomplishing one thing for someone else or checking something off the daily "to do" list. Your life is about your individuality, the things that fuel your own unique passions, and the wonderful things that fill your soul with happiness.

One “wrong turn” on the seven-hour drive lead to an extra three hours on the road.  The realization that this had happened lead to a rush of emotional frustrations from anger (for wasting time) to a defeated feeling because there wasn't anything that could have been done about it.

In our busy daily lives, we often forget to look at the many hidden positive things that come out of taking a "wrong turn". Sometimes a “wrong turn” in life can take you back a couple steps, however, it can lead you to the beautiful sights of nature and a sense of accomplishment that would not of have been possible to reach if that “wrong turn” had not have happened. The “wrong turn” on this adventure lead to a beautiful scenic drive through an amazing National Forest - an area of the state that comes with breathtaking views - which prompted the feeling that the “wrong turn” that was taken placed us on the perfect path that we were meant to be on. Don't be afraid of taking "wrong turns" in life - you never know where they might lead you.

The other challenge that comes with being a traveling, adventurous soul, is the unknown factor of weather. Mother Nature keeps you on your toes and makes you appreciate the majestic sunny sky, while never letting you forget how harsh the weather conditions can get in just a blink of an eye.  The conditions upon entering this National Park went from sunny skies to clouds that began to look ominous. After a full day in the car, this was the last thing we wanted to welcome us.  The initial goal was to capture an image of this magnificent region, however, with the clouds covering the peaks - which quickly became as thick as a wool blanket, we realized that Mother Nature had no intention of clearing up.

This adventure came with some challenges, but it also came with many rewarding feelings that no material thing or person could replace. Life comes with many inevitable challenges and “wrong turns”. If we look at these challenges or “wrong turns” with a clear mindset, they can be seen as steps that lead us to the road that we are supposed to be on. With the right mindset, we can navigate through life without the fear of making a “wrong turn”.