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Mellivora leggings for women are inspired by nature and transformed into wearable art! All Mellivora leggings are MADE IN COLOARDO from 100% recycled material.

Mellivora Blog

The Mellivora blog is a great way to get to know our company and to find some inspiration - the same inspiration that created our leggings - all of which are made in Colorado!

The Mellivora Way

chris gerardi

Our brand sprouted from a turn down an unknown road and a bumpy past that is hard to relive. 

There were many things we wanted to do yet we did not know how we were going to do any of them. 

But at the end of the day, the one thing we knew was that we wanted to work for more than just a paycheck.

We wanted to grow within the community, share our inspiration with others, learn as individuals and to grow as a team, all while showing the world “real”, authentic products with nothing but actual credibility behind them.

We were tired of seeing products that are made in factories overseas in mass quantities that have no authenticity coupled with the fact that their outrageous price margins allow them to keep their wages at unlivable levels. 

We don’t have to hide behind anything like some other companies.

Everything about us is REAL.

It’s the Mellivora way!

Just like the "real" people who are trying to find a path in life that has more meaning than just a simple paycheck.

When we leave this earth we can’t bring any materials with us, so with that in mind, Mellivora doesn’t want to just sell leggings or other products made in Colorado. We want everyone to know about the true meaning behind Mellivora, and one of those things is exposing what is fake and what is real in our society.

In this day and age, it's quite easy to fall for "the fake" or the "quick fix".

It's just so much easier to choose things on the fly, buying products made from cheap materials, consuming artificial foods, or immersing ourselves in our electronic devices just to fill a void with instant gratification. 

When something seems too hard to achieve, do we just give up? Or do we try harder to embrace all the difficulties that accompany success?

Growing up I realized some things come easy and some things you have to work twice as hard for, however, what many people do not realize is that the things we have to work twice as hard for will give us ten times the reward than the things that come easy. 

Mellivora has taken a path that is not easy, it's actually tougher than the 9-to-5, and can sometimes make you want to go back to the "comfort" and "structure" of the normal workday. 

However, even though none of this has been easy, it has lead to non-monetary rewards that have been endless.

What we know now is that even though it may be hard to pave your own unique path, once it has been paved, it is much more rewarding and fulfilling. 

Seeing a customer enjoy a Mellivora product our team created has a priceless feeling. 

It's what keeps us going.

Our community is our energy...and our inspiration.




chris gerardi

It's amazing how things in life can come back full-circle.

It was not very long ago when I was probing my mind trying to find out what drives me and it wasn't like I had a lack of motivation - it was just the opposite. 

Never would I have imagined that I would actually find something that deeply fulfills me and even brings me a sense of inspiration to help others.

I have finally realized that when I follow my passions, they end up becoming a byproduct of inspiration for others. 

In dark times I was forced to find my true self - not forced with questioning others around me - but instead questioning myself and my actions. 

Sometimes the greatest ideas come during the hardest of times. 

It was not even one year ago when I was working at Wholefoods when just such an idea came to me.

I had previously worked for a company before Wholefoods for about 5 years and when I left that job I did not know what I was going to do, so I applied for part-time work at Wholefoods as they were just opening a brand new store in Longmont, Colorado. 

Barely a month later after we opened the store, I came up with the idea for Mellivora. 

There were many reasons why I had to find myself and my passion, as I have people who rely on me to push myself to be the best I can be. 

When I came up with the idea I did not let go, I literally worked night and day on this company, yet I knew I wasn't going to be able to do it alone.  

But then, I ended up re-connecting with two close friends in my life.

These two people are playing a pivotal role in Mellivora, and one was sadly laid off after 10 years with his company. 

He is incredibly smart and calculated and is someone I grew up with and have known pretty much my entire life.

When we graduated high school I moved to Colorado and he moved to Lincoln Nebraska and then now here we are 17 years later working together with a common goal. 

The other I have known for 11 years and is quite dear to me, is an exceptional human being, and her ability to learn and thrive is incredible.

I met her through another person who is also very dear to me, but that story is for another time. 

Never would I have imagined that after all the years that had passed that we would all be working together. 

This all just goes to show that there are things that can happen in life we cannot explain...

Oddly, it was not so long ago I was telling the ladies I worked with why they needed to try Mellivora leggings, and they would just laugh at me telling me I was "crazy". 

Fast forward a year, and now the Whole Foods in Longmont carries Mellivora Leggings! Not so crazy after all!

Remember, when you follow your passions, some might think you're crazy, but don't listen to them - listen only to what your mind and heart are telling you! 

Life can bring you all kinds of beautiful things - you just have to be open enough to find them! 

Thank you - to all of you who support this company - we are blessed because of you.

Chris G



Truth or Deceit?

chris gerardi

There has been so much in the news about company leadership and lack of moral character, that it only makes sense to address the situation. 

I do not know all the details of what has been happening, however, what I can say is lack of character and morals in corporations has been going on for a long time. 

The worst part is we as consumers give these companies our hard-earned money.

We assume they do the right thing, yet many of us who have worked or are working for these corporations, clearly know they don't. 

Lululemon is, as you know, a legging company that has had many issues - both past and present - with leadership, and the question remains, why does this continue? 

One of the most irritating issues is that these so-called leaders get huge golden parachutes and it's the consumers' hard-earned cash that pays them, so basically leadership is "rewarded" for lack of leadership. 

Why do we seem to be okay with being constantly lied to about what we are consuming?

Whether it's with the food industry, clothing industry, or even the banking industry, we are being misled. 

Let's face it - the corporate "leaders" spend a lot of time and money creating the image of their company, yet much of it is just smoke and mirrors riddled with corruption and lies, with the "feel-good" campaigns they run to cover up their deceit. 

It's interesting that we get upset when we see and hear of these things happening, yet we seem to ignore it.

So what is the solution you ask?

It's simple - become a conscious buyer and do your best to purchase from ethical businesses.

It may seem somewhat daunting, however, I assure you that if you start thinking about the companies you are supporting and spend a few moments of your time researching what they claim, you'll find the truth in there somewhere!  



Demand Authenticity!

chris gerardi

Where do I start? 

I have to say there are some things that I see every day that just drive me nuts! There are so many ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, and so much of it is fake.

Everything from clothing that claims they produce locally, to people claiming to be millionaires with their get rich quick schemes, to food claiming to be "healthy". 

Let's be honest - it's all just lies! 

I see ads on TV knowing that those companies are spending millions of dollars on themselves, yet their employees struggle to receive just a 1.5% raise.

Let's cut the crap already!

It's time to quit buying products from companies that only feed on our emotions with feel-good thoughts, yet what they're doing behind the scenes is just criminal!

What will it take for Americans to quit feeding the beast - yes, the beast - those overbearing corporations that pollute and destroy the earth just for their profits?

I don't mean to sound so upset, but I am! I'm tired of people claiming they are all about the environment, fair wages, and sustainability, yet they are wearing these clothing brands and we all know who they are. 

Supporting retail chains that buy imported goods incredibly cheap for profit, is taking advantage of cheap labor and bad work conditions. 

These are people too and they deserve to be treated right.

I would imagine if these brands showed their production houses in their ads people would change their minds about supporting them.

It's not that they can't produce goods ethically, it's that they are addicted to greed and profits.

Mellivora proves everyday that it is possible to make quality products that are made entirely in the US and at the same time bring it with a fair price with an ethical supply chain from start to finish.

Do you really think your shoes are that special when they were produced for $10 which you paid $100 for and everybody is wearing them? 

Guess what? They're a dime a dozen, and made cheaply. 

When will we realize that things made cheap, such as food and clothing are just that - CHEAP! 

People think they are getting a deal when clothing is on sale, but are they really getting one? More than likely not.

So what's the point of covering your body in cheap materials that won't last? 

Well, I have a great idea for you!

Spend 2018 buying less and not supporting unethical corporations. 

Instead, go for quality, not quantity and support those companies that give real wages to every person involved in their manufacturing. 

Thanks for reading this and I hope you understand my point-of-view!

Are We Really Capable of Change?

chris gerardi

Many people truly believe that it isn't possible to change their lives for the better, mostly due to the ones around them that seem to dictate how they live. 

We allow them to tell us how they believe we should be living our lives and passing their judgements upon us, even though we may disagree with them, we still find it hard to "let them down". 

Two years ago, I had a person once tell me she did not want to go backward in her life, and I responded by telling her that sometimes in life you have to take steps back to reroute your life.

Little did I know what that really meant... 

I had built a life most would say was successful.

However, deep down I was alone with all my material goods and feeling little happiness. 

Fast forward a year from when I said that, my life was forever changed for what I thought was the worst.

I was losing everything around me, and I could not understand why. I then realized through all this that I had to drop all the extra baggage in order to get up the mountain.

I had to let go of my materials and focus my time and energy on myself. This was very hard, as I was not in my comfort zone anymore. It was at this point that I realized that what I had said a year earlier made more sense.

I was taking steps back to move forward yet I had no clue what moving forward was at the time.

In November of 2016, the idea of Mellivora was born after so much of my time was spent in the wilderness. Mellivora has just turned a year old and I feel like we have already accomplished 3 years of moving forward.

I never made a commitment for the new year, however, what I did do is make a commitment to myself and others to do the best job I possibly could.

I quit social hours at breweries, I quit saying I was going to get healthy and instead did get healthy. I committed to being faithful in every aspect of my life, in other words doing right by all of whom were around me and even people I did not know.

Today is Christmas Day 2017, and looking back it has been one hell of a year for me. 

I have reached goals that I could have never imagined two years ago, even with all the lows that were inconceivable for me. 

I don't want people to read this and make just a New Year's resolution. I want people to read this and realize that everything we do can be long-term and that those steps that seem "backward" might be for a better future for all.

Living for the short-term goal is a fool's game, every action you take from choosing food to clothing to the people we let in our lives and the companies we support and work for must be with the intent of longevity. 

If you're looking for a short-term feel-good goal, it will get you nowhere.

I challenge anyone who truly reads this to try to make 2018 the year of self-challenge and change and long term! 



David vs Goliath

chris gerardi

We have all heard the story of David and Goliath. 

This is a story that many very small clothing companies may know all too well. 

Mellivora is one of those tiny companies trying to change the way people look at purchasing clothing. 

The clothing industry is much like the food industry - specific words are used in many ways to to make the consumer feel good about what they consume.

However, almost all of this is a mask for profits. 

Much of the apparel that says "Made in the USA" is made in California, where there are many sweatshops. The workers are paid way below minimum wage in almost every case.

Many "big brands" are sending all their productions overseas to make huge profits, paying the workers virtually nothing with no benefits or worker's compensation, which is just an exploitation for profit gain. 

So just because it says "Made in the USA", it does not mean the person who made it was paid a fair wage. 

Mellivora uses ONLY USA milled fabric, makes every pair in Denver, and they are sewn by only one seamstress!

Let's get back to the battle of David and Goliath...

Mellivora wants to educate people on clothing production by showing that great local products can be made at a fair price, with complete transparency. 

We don't make huge profits, but we also aren't just doing this for the money either. 

We are doing this to inspire people to change their lives and to break away from their daily routines.

We want our customer and others to understand the importance of transparency in clothing manufacturing. 

In time, we will expand our clothing line, but it will always be sustainable and will always be made in Colorado. 

Every day we will fight the mainstream "big brands", and even though we may not be winning yet, at some point we will!! 

Please take the time to look at the stories behind each pair of leggings at the adventure tab. 

We also want to thank all of you for your support in our quest to change the mindset of many.

Thank you!!



chris gerardi

We go through life being told what to do, what not to do, or what we should do to in order to accomplish something and to find "happiness" in life.

We often listen to these things because we get the positive feedback we long for from the ones we love, so we do it over and over again, just for that feedback. 

This is not ultimately a bad thing because sometimes it leads people to the exact place they are meant to be. However, for some of us, we grew up questioning why the ones that love us want and expect us to go to college even if they did not go themselves.

We questioned why we grew up being told to get a good job with a good corporation so we could move up in the world and have a successful career, even though we saw our loved ones stuck at work for hours on end and most of the time they weren't happy with the day-to-day 9-to-5 grind. 

We questioned these things but why?

“We can always connect the dots going backwards, but we can never connect the dots forward.” -S. Jobs

Mellivora was built upon a mountain of challenges that started with the question "Why?".

Why are we told these are the things we “should” do and never asked why we should or have to do them?

In the beginning of Mellivora’s creation, we questioned many things and finally realized the one missing piece that many of America is missing.

This one piece leads to many other pieces, however, what we have come to understand is that finding our purpose in life and passionately expressing it every day to better others' lives is ultimately what we “should” do.

Now I know this all seems "easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy", but the truth of the matter is that it's not as easy as you may think. 

Our society is not "built" to help you find your purpose nor does it let you passionately express it with ease.

Our society is "built" to put each individual in a square hole which distracts them from ever expressing any creativity or passion.

Mellivora is built to inspire others. 

It's not just about our leggings, but it's about continuously reminding our community to follow our true purpose and passionately live each day to fulfill that purpose. 

It won't be all "sunshine and roses", but in the end, you will look back and be thankful and proud that you chose your own path versus the one that others expected you to take.



Limitations of Time

chris gerardi

Time as we measure it and know it doesn’t really exist, but even so, it isn't infinite. Our time on this earth is limited for us even though it may not exist on a larger scale.

I know you are probably asking yourself what is he talking about? Well, what I'm trying to convey is how important it is to use every day and every hour to better ourselves. In this life, it's so easy to get caught up in a routine.

You know, we get up, go to work, go home and do it all over again. Then the weekends are packed full of shopping for most and I bet if you wrote down what you did in a week it would be less than a page! Why is this?

We have created an environment of routines, and frankly, it's not really that productive for us. I was stuck in that same routine for years and realized I had invested a bunch of my limited time in something that does not better me.

I hike and bike a lot and when I go on the weekends, I notice that the trails are not that full, however, if I drive by an REI or other types of stores they are packed. And the question remains - what do people do with all that pricey gear that sits around collecting dust that had drained their bank account?

Due to the fact that people are so routine, they don't realize that they are missing out on finding the true reason as to why they are here. They are not grasping that their time is limited and the choice to not make the most of it will catch up to them.

Time may not be real, however, the limitations of it are very real. It is imperative that we make the most of our time, in other words, turn off the TV and the phone and find something that is truly beneficial to you and others.

Instead, how about donating your time to others, or how about finding something constructive and creative to do? We all have it in us - all it takes is just a little bit of effort! I would be willing to bet that if you did any of these things, you would find it much more rewarding than just going to REI or the mall, etc.

We all realize that changing our lives is difficult, however, if you make a point to try to do something new each day it will become a more productive routine and it will better serve you and others around you in the process.

So start today to change your life for the better and at the same time, you just might help inspire others to follow your lead!




Mt Bierstadt

The Gates We Create

chris gerardi


Have you been thinking about wanting to do something different with your life?

Like maybe starting a business, deciding to finally lead a healthy lifestyle, or even trying to end a feud with someone who is/was close to you?

The possibilities are so vast and unpredictable... however, what if I told you this is all so very possible? In life, we are taught as children to think and act in specific ways regardless of how ridiculous they may seem.

For years I came up with so many reasons as to why I couldn't fully achieve what I subconsciously knew I could - and when I say that I don't mean material gain.

No one wants to feel pain, we don't want to suffer, we want to feel good all the time. But what if I told you that you will suffer and you will hurt until you finally "find" your "true" self? And what if I told you I have tears in my eyes writing this post??

"Gates" are created to keep things out, but what If I told you that we really don't need these types of "gates" in this world - and more importantly, in our minds? What if I told you that you - and only you - can be the best version of yourself if you break down those "gates" that you have created within your mind?

What if I told you to stop wasting your time with social media, social drinking, and social smoking? What if I told you the path to yourself maybe lonely? And lastly, what if I told you, you would be scared as hell? But then, what if I told you that YOU CAN do it??

I mean this from the bottom of my heart - me being a person who has failed before, me being a person who was scared, me being a person who is just like you!



Sacrifice to Achieve?

chris gerardi

In life, we are faced with so many challenges, one of which is a very important question we all must ask ourselves: What is my purpose? 

I have pondered this for years, so I basically disconnected myself from it. However, I still searched for it by trying many different things in my life. Some of them worked a little but many did not, leaving me feeling empty and unfulfilled. I always thought a good job, money and material goods would make me happy, but I realized, after losing my job, that I had invested a lot of time and heart into working for a company that frankly did not give a sh*t about me.

After leaving this job, I decided to truly search for more meaning in life. I realized the "barriers" I had been facing were just an illusion and in fact, there are no actual "barriers" in our world. This is something that many of us have unconsciously grown-up thinking, but in all reality, when we realize we can conquer our mindset we can achieve anything we want.

However, we have to be willing to sacrifice what feels "safe" to us. The idea of safety and conformity is just an idea - it does not really exist. It is important to remember that the mind can hold you back and can make you experience unnecessary emotions.

One of the hardest things to do in life is figuring out how to conquer your mind at its own game. Everybody has an "excuse" as to why they can't find their purpose, but these "excuses" may come with unforeseen sacrifices, which blind them to be able to find their true "path" in life.

The choices we choose make to change our lives and to find more purpose may not be seen today, but if you plant the seeds of change now, those seeds will grow to help change your life for the better in the future. 

So if you have not found your purpose yet, don't ever give up, just keep on searching!



colorado leaves in fall

How We Do It!!!!

chris gerardi


If you haven't noticed before, when Mellivora releases a new pair of leggings, we will post a story about them on our “Adventures” page.

We will then put the original picture of the leggings in the shop section.

However, you will not be able to purchase them because they are in production.

This is just our way of letting our customers know what's coming.

We don't just make leggings to make leggings.

We make leggings for your inspiration and that's why they all have a story.

We want our customers to connect with us, and not only do we make the most unique and beautiful leggings in the world, we want to share the inspiration that comes with them.

We always use 100% recycled USA milled material for our leggings, which are printed, cut, and sewn in Colorado.

Our production team is very small, so if a pair you were interested in has been sold out, please keep checking back.

However, if you see a pair you like that is in stock we suggest purchasing them as soon as possible because if you wait for more than a day or two they could be gone!

Thanks for all your support and if you would like to try a pair on, check out our retailers on our “Retailer” page!!


Fit Fest 2017

chris gerardi

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of attending the McNichols Fit Fest featuring Denver's finest fitness and yoga instructors. 

The turnout was above our expectations and we loved sharing the stories that brought our leggings to life! 

We were so grateful to be able to connect with people who share our passions and interests and sincerely enjoyed hearing their own stories. 

All the positive responses we received about our leggings gave us a great boost of confidence (which every startup company "needs") and for all of you who supported us throughout the event, we truly appreciate it and we hope to see you next time!!

Thank You!

chris gerardi

To Our Loyal Customers:

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience if we have recently sold out of a style or size of legging you want. 

We did not anticipate the major influx of orders we have recently received and are currently receiving this quickly, especially because we started Mellivora just a few months ago.

If this is the case for you, please know we are working as quickly as possible to catch our supply up to the demand. 

However, we are very excited to see the amount of interest coming from our supporters - especially during the events we have attended, which have truly enjoyed! 

Thank you so much for your support and patience while we navigate through our "growing pains"!







What Inspires You?

chris gerardi

red rocks insta.JPG

Between the vendor fairs, festivals, and the production of our newest pattern inspired by our latest adventure, we have been quite busy!

Each time Mellivora hits another milestone, we find it important to reflect and refocus as needed.

Have you ever felt stuck, constantly spinning your wheels, and never reaching a sense of true fulfillment?

So have we!

The decision to let go of the unimportant, unnecessary and excessive objects in our lives is the exact reason why our team came to be, and this is what drives us to continue living out the Mellivora Mission every day.

Beyond the real-life adventures that inspire our patterns, we choose to align each aspect of Mellivora to the same standards that we know will make an impact for the better, such as recycled materials and packaging.

We sincerely believe that this intrinsic blend of personal and professional values is the future of a successful and sustainable business.

Take a moment to contemplate how your everyday decisions can actually make an impact in life.

Maybe you decided to pick up a healthy breakfast from the local café instead of choosing a “corporate” coffee house - a choice that not only benefited your health but also caused a positive ripple effect in your community.

The Mellivora team has transformed their own lives through these types of small steps and at the same time becoming more thoughtful and deliberate, from what we put in and on our bodies, to how we spend our money and time.

Replacing an excessive materialistic mindset for that of an experience driven lifestyle was the first step in bringing Mellivora to life.

We are passionate about our ability to encourage others through our story and product and hope that you will join us on this journey of growth and transformation of the Mellivora community.

Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more inspiration and keep an eye out for the Mellivora newsletter, coming soon!!

Now it's your turn - tell us - what inspires you?

What drives you to pursue your passions?? 


FAQ's from Yoga Rocks the Park

chris gerardi

As we head out of town on a different type of adventure this weekend, I reflect on the amazing month we’ve had with Mellivora.

As much as our team loves and believes in our brand, we had no idea whether or not that feeling would resonate with others in the same way.

With much of our inventory having been sold, the Mellivora team is absolutely thrilled to see that you do as well and that is much appreciated!

Last week, we had the pleasure of spending the day talking leggings and adventure with Rachel at "Yoga Rocks the Park" in Denver, CO.

What started out as one small event (30 Yogis!) has become a nation-wide movement to cultivate a sense of community, peace, and joy.

Mellivora is honored to be a part of that movement and hope that much like YRtP, our small batch production line will reach and inspire every corner of the globe one day.

This was our very first vendor-style event, and we loved all of the great questions and responses that you brought to us! 

In case you don’t live in CO or just didn’t get the chance to make it to YRtP this weekend, I’d like to share a few of our most frequently asked questions of the day...

“How do you get the photos to put on the leggings?”

Every pair of Mellivora leggings is designed from a photo that our team has taken while on an adventure.

No Photoshop here!

We believe in purchasing and wearing clothing that speaks to you on a personal level, and hope that our leggings do just that.

Head to the STORIES section of our website to read about the adventure that inspired your favorite pair...

“Where and how do you have them made?”

Mellivora works with a small batch production team right here in Colorado.

This team sources our 100% recycled material (made from plastic bottles!) and then prints, hand cuts, and sews all under the same roof!

This process may take a little longer and be a bit more expensive, but Mellivora was founded on the principle of buying less and buying better - we truly believe that “slow fashion” is the way of the future.

“When will the products go on sale, do you offer discounts?”

While we may do a special promotion here or there, the team made a conscious decision when Mellivora was founded to set the product at a price that honestly reflects the amount of work, attention to detail, and overall quality of our product.

The "Big box" retailers are well aware that everyone loves a good deal, and mark their product up accordingly, however, their "quality" ultimately declines, unbeknownst to the purchaser.

Mellivora prefers to grow our business on the idea that you, as a consumer, do not need to be tricked by a “bargain”!

Once you compare our product and mission to that of our competitors, Mellivora clearly stands above the rest.

We’re so confident in our product, that we actually promise to buy back any unsold product(s) from our retail stores.

“What if my leggings tear or just don’t work out?”

In conjunction with the above question, Mellivora stands by our product and message.

Though we doubt you’ll ever have a problem with the construction of the leggings, we back them 100%.

Should something not work out, just shoot us an email and we’ll take care of you right away!

Though we won’t be out at YRtP this weekend, we’ll be back for another round soon!

Follow us on social media for the upcoming dates and times!

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions!!

Mellivora's First Retail Location!

chris gerardi


As Mellivora started production, there was much debate as to whether or not we should sell to retailers.

If so, who would we feel best about collaborating with?

It was decided from the very beginning that “big box” stores were out of the question, since one of the main things Mellivora prides itself on is the small-batch production right out of Colorado. 

Based on our mission and goals for the company, small boutiques and fitness studios felt like the best places to house our product.

As we’ve started to reach out to retailers in Colorado, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with many impressive business owners with beautiful spaces. 

Much like the Mellivora gear, these individuals and stores have a unique story and adventure that has led them to their current path.

One inspiring story that stands out in particular is also our very first retail location.

Angel Concept is a specialty gift store that sells fine clothing and artwork, who's mission goes much deeper than finding the perfect gift for your mother or best friend. 

Angel Concept is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization providing struggling, disadvantaged women with work-skills training in a retail environment, which enables them to build their self-esteem and technical skills to help prepare them to become successful employees in the retail world. 

These women may be victims of abuse, domestic violence, or substance dependency.

They also may be single mothers or homeless and lacking basic job skills. 

The idea was conceived by Sue Hosier who, after finding herself in a destructive domestic situationtransformed her own life by attaining a 25-year nursing career and a nurturing home for her children.

Through Angel Concept, Sue is helping other women find their own paths to self-sufficiency.

Angel Concept believes that with opportunity and education, many of these women can draw upon their inner strengths, build their self-esteemand transform their lives.

Mellivora is proud and honored to partner with an organization who not only shares our vision of changing lives through good business, but has successfully done so already. 

If you find yourself in Downtown Littleton anytime soon, make sure to stop in and tell them Mellivora sent you!

In the meantime, check out Angel Concept online to learn more!

New Designs!

chris gerardi

You may have noticed that some of our leggings have been marked, "Sold Out".

That's because we weren't anticipating such a great interest this quickly in our leggings!

We are working diligently to not only replenish our stock, but also working on bringing you new designs, while improving our product, all right here in Colorado!

Here are a few highlights we are most excited share with you about the new designs:

  • The Style: Just like our original leggings, every piece of the new Mellivora designs are a direct connection to a recent adventure experienced by one of our team members. Not only will we be creating some amazing new styles, but will also be on the lookout for new patterns - all created from a photo taken while "adventuring"!

  • The Fit: Mellivora's new leggings are not only "in style" and of the highest quality, they're also made with function in mind. The 3-inch waist band and specially designed inseam will keep you looking smooth and feeling comfortable, no matter what adventure your day takes you on. 

  • The Inspiration: Mellivora has been BUSY - and not just with production. New adventures in new locales have given us more inspiration than ever, and we can't wait to get back to the drawing board again to continue creating pieces that tell our story and speak to your heart.

Check out our Stories to learn more about where each of us have been and how it connects back to our new designs!

Why Mellivora?

chris gerardi

Mellivora was founded upon the idea of getting outside to find inspiration. 

While living an active lifestyle as a female, I find myself wearing leggings during my morning run, to the grocery store, to dinner or even just for a few drinks!

I used to put on a pair of leggings and never thought twice about where they came from or why I was even putting them on (I only knew that they were comfy).

But then, I began to feel like just another dollar sign in the eyes of the corporate companies.

By putting on the same black leggings day after day, I often felt frustrated because I wanted more of out the clothes I spent my hard earned money on.

I wanted to feel more empowered and connected to the resources I was investing in. 

We can easily go through life buying things over and over again, that of which we have no connection with or no idea where the resources came from.

So what can we gain from that concept?

When will we find happiness or self-fulfillment in the items we are investing in?

That's exactly why Mellivora wants to change the way you consume products.

We want to connect you to products that not only inspire you personally, but motivate you to make conscious decisions to benefit your community and our world.

When I wake up and put on a pair of Mellivora leggings, I feel a rush of self-worth and empowerment to take on any challenge that comes my way.

While many negative events are taking place in this world, I'm reminded daily that all of us can put more energy into being conscious about how our actions, including purchases, are effecting our personal growth, the world we live in, and future generations.

When I put on a pair of Mellivora leggings, I know that I am supporting a company that is trying to do many positive things in this world, and I too, feel inspired to make a difference in this world every chance I get!


Mellivora Gear

chris gerardi

Hello friends!

In case you weren't aware, we manufacture all of our leggings right here in Colorado!!

Even though it's a slightly slower production rate, the details and quality are much better.

Mellivora wants to make the most unique and best quality leggings available.

We are working very closely with our developer to make sure each pair lives up to Mellivora's standards.

Right now we are about 35 days from completion and will be carrying five prints, and working on more as we go.

We are currently working with a small batch clothing company in Colorado not only for our our leggings, but also for high-quality men's shorts and T-shirts!

Mellivora wants to prove that not only can you make quality products in the USA, but that the profits do not have to be the number one priority.

In our eyes quality and ethically sourced materials, employee satisfaction, and empowering our customer are number one!