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Mellivora leggings for women are inspired by nature and transformed into wearable art! All Mellivora leggings are MADE IN COLOARDO from 100% recycled material.

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chris gerardi


On the day I took this picture, Mellivora was in the process of being “born”(even though I didn't know it yet), and for some reason, I began to feel a sense of fearlessness - like I could scale this beautiful structure without any fear, right at that exact moment. I really couldn't understand why, out of all the emotions that nature can inspire, that I felt “fearless” of all things, and left it at that.

Then a few weeks later, I realized why I was feeling this sense of “fearlessness” that day and it wasn't just because of the photo I captured - it was because of what became of it through a slew of ideas, which ultimately ended up to be the catalyst to something that would change my life in ways I could never have dreamed of.

It never occurred to me that that day (until later on), that I would become more determined and more relentless than I ever thought I could be in my pursuit to make something better of myself.

This was the picture that began to bring Mellivora to life and in a much bigger way that I could have ever have imagined.

It was where my inspiration came from, and not just because of the picture I had captured, but what was to follow after, which would ultimately change my life and is still changing it as I write this.

I remember sitting and staring at my computer screen at the amazing formations of the stones embedded into the landscape and literally, a light bulb went off in my head and I thought, what if I could take this awesome scene and make it into wearable art?

After mulling this idea over, and at the same time connecting certain ideas, like how inspiring nature is, like the thrill of conquering the Fourteeners I've climbed, and just living in the moment, the Mellivora leggings were “born”!

My ultimate goal is for you to find and feel the inspiration to do something amazing that day when you put them on.

Go climb those mountains!

Go tackle the gym!

Go explore the world!