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Adventure Blog


chris gerardi


I always find myself admiring the awe-inspiring momentum of this river. The path this river takes throughout this mountainous region, denotes an amazing representation of both beauty and danger.

Most of us long to experience the beauty that life truly offers, but oftentimes, our fears overcome us and we are unable to reach the possible destination we envisioned for ourselves.

Is this the reason why we simply choose to move with the current and not against it, no matter how unfulfilling our life seems to be?

I happen to believe that if everyone would just stop and take a moment to clear the mind, it can create a path of awareness that can help us understand that fear can and will always hold us back - paralyzing our soul and spirit, which, in turn, keeps us from seeking life’s infinite beauty.

As I watched the branches splinter, snap, and end up being swept away by the river's strong current, I realized that danger will always be “nipping at our heels” and knowing this should help us finally understand that avoiding our fears won't be a guarantee to a happy, successful, or even fair outcome in life.

Danger will always be completely unavoidable, however, failure is inevitable - and always will be - especially if we continue to flow through life without a purpose.