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Mellivora leggings for women are inspired by nature and transformed into wearable art! All Mellivora leggings are MADE IN COLOARDO from 100% recycled material.

Adventure Blog


chris gerardi


I took this picture while at an event in Downtown Denver. 

While I was taking it, I was thinking about all of all the progress and growth that Denver has seen.

I have lived in Colorado for years and have watched Denver grow - through its good times and through its tough times. 

Seeing the amount of Denver's progression just amazes me and the similarities I see in Mellivora's progress gives me great hope for the company's future.

Mellivora was born from just a simple idea and now is in a constant state of progression.

We are grateful to be a part of Denver's growth and at the same time, Denver is a part of our growth, which we are proud to be a part of. 

It is so very important to progress through life and to push yourself to achieve your goals.

This may be hard to do, but with the right support, we can help each other through our endeavors. 

Each day, the Mellivora team tries to inspire others to push themselves outside of their comfort zone, so that they can see what they can actually achieve.  We want ourselves and others to grow, to "progress", and strive to be better each and every day!