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Mellivora leggings for women are inspired by nature and transformed into wearable art! All Mellivora leggings are MADE IN COLOARDO from 100% recycled material.

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chris gerardi

Besides the amazing serenity of this beautiful river, there seemed to be some kind of "universal pull" that drew me to take a photo of this river's amazing synchronicity.

In the months since having the idea to turn this photo - and other photos I've taken - into wearable art, I've ended up working much harder than I ever thought I was even capable of.

There are so many challenges when building a startup company it's almost impossible to list them. It truly takes every spare moment you can find, including razor sharp focus to stay ahead of the game.

With a massive loss of sleep, you would probably assume that I had begun to reconsider my mission, yet I persisted because it was just too important to me to give up.

Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I got into the shower and just stood there, under the hot water, reflecting on the birth of Mellivora, to where we are now, and I couldn’t help but think back to the feeling of serenity this amazing river filled me with and how much more I can learn from it now.

Sometimes we know where and how to clear our minds and how to gain perspective, but sometimes that place and moment choose us instead.

There, in the shower, I realized exactly what I needed to do to forge ahead.

As the shower stream soothed my aching muscles, I began to realize the parallels between water and human nature.

In order to be successful, we must ebb and flow like water naturally does - in everything that we do.

We must rise to reach new heights, and connect to people that we have not crossed paths with yet.

We must decide to create "ripples in the water" to get the attention we seek, instead of just choosing to avoid creating those "ripples" in order to escape the fear of taking risks - which could ultimately change our lives forever. 

Water brings life to everything, and through Mellivora, I want to bring life back to those around me.

While I hit the pavement hard every day to share my story with others, I hope to not only build our brand but to also inspire others to change their life the way Mellivora has already changed mine.

Though many have turned me down, there are also those who immediately see the quality of our leggings and understand the inspiration behind them. All it takes is just a few people to recognize that the status quo isn’t working and that we are strong enough to lead the way to a new standard. We believe that Mellivora will become the new standard in clothing, design, production, and business ethics.