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Adventure Blog


chris gerardi


Do you remember the feeling of anticipation you had as a child waiting to join your friends outside?

Well, this is the feeling we had upon nearing our destination, and memories of just wanting to get outside to explore came rushing in.

The desert-like terrain flows effortlessly into the mountains, offset by a sun so bright, you feel its warmth well after sundown.

While taking in the sights of this landscape, you might feel a sense of transformation like no other, as it is truly nature’s playground.

While hiking, I reflected on the most important times of my life.

It was not my first car or home that came to mind, in fact, no material purchase (no matter how “monumental”) made my list.

Nor did any traditional accomplishment, such as landing that big promotion.

What did come to mind was every adventure taken across the U.S., every connection made with another, and every time that I was able to explore and fill my cup with life.

Too often, we choose to fill our cup by focusing on people and things that actually drain our cup, like a nod from an employer that doesn’t really care about us, or a new treasure who’s allure wears off shortly after that leaves us hollow.

It was in this beautiful town that I photographed this vibrant sunset, washed with hues of blue and pink.

I had to run faster than I have ever before to get back to camp and find my camera, as I knew that the opportunity to capture this moment would quickly dissipate.

The fulfillment I experienced as the camera clicked, catching the scene just in time with this photo, is a memory that fills my cup.

Don’t wait to find the experiences that will fill yours and transform your life!