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Adventure Blog


chris gerardi


Life can change quickly.

One minute we have stability at work, at home, financially, and in our relationships and the next minute it can all be gone.

What if we lose one of these things, what if I get into a situation that is uncomfortable or a situation where you have to make a decision you never thought you would have to?

For many of us, one of those “what if’s” can slam you right in the face without any warning at all and it will most likely come at a moment when you least expect it.

This adventure came after one of those events, an event that put me in a state that I was not used to being in.

A state of instability, unknown, vulnerability, and most of all a place outside of my comfort zone. 

Many go through life avoiding situations that would lead to these feelings.

We end up letting fear win and decide to take the easy road and never let ourselves feel anything else because it just isn’t comfortable.

Stepping outside that comfort zone isn’t always easy, however being in that comfort zone for too long can slowly make you stop living the life you want.

Don’t let fear stop you from going outside your comfort zone or allow it to keep you in a state of vulnerability because it can stop you from reaching your dreams.